August 2015

Sat 8 Aug

Fault Tolerance in Akka

Supervisor strategies, deciders, guardians and the command failed pattern in Akka.

Thu 6 Aug

ELB Testing with netcat

Test your ELB TCP health check is working as expected with a netcat server.

Wed 5 Aug

Git Rebase then Merge

Reduce the number of merges in your git log by rebasing local branches (never force push though).

Tue 4 Aug

Git Commit Messages in Vim

Keep your fellow terminal goers onside by hard wrapping your commit messages.

Mon 3 Aug

Factory pattern in Scala

Decouple your client code from constructors, unit test actors and materialize type classes.

Sat 1 Aug

Creational patterns in Scala

Use the factory, factory method, builder, prototype and singleton patterns in Scala.

April 2015

Thu 16 Apr

Adapter pattern in Scala

Use implicit classes to make API interoperability more pleasurable in client code.

Tue 14 Apr

Composite pattern in Scala

Use the type system to create sensible inheritance hierarchies and push side effects to the edge of your application.

January 2015

Sun 18 Jan

AWS EC2 Swap Files

Create swap files on t2.micro instances to stop the linux OS killing your JVM process.

Fri 16 Jan

JS Promises

Carrying state around in JS when you do not know about bind (or cannot use it).

June 2014

Mon 30 Jun

Git Reference

Configure git and start collaborating.

February 2014

Wed 5 Feb

Publishing from SBT to Maven Central

Publish an artifact using the sbt-pgp plugin and the Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager.

December 2013

Mon 2 Dec

IP Tables

Use IP tables to route traffic from privileged to non-privileged ports in Linux.